NO Ad-Hoc Routing Agent (NOAH)

NOAH is a wireless routing agent that (in contrast to DSDV, DSR, ...) only supports direct communication between wireless nodes or between base stations and mobile nodes in case Mobile IP is used. This allows to simulate scenarios where multi-hop wireless routing is undesired. NOAH does not send any routing related packets.

Step-by-step installation instructions for ns-2.26 (and ns-2.30) add noah/noah.o \ to OBJ_CC and tcl/mobility/noah.tcl \ to NS_TCL_LIB
noah/noah.{h,cc} add noah.h and to a new subdirectory noah/
tcl/mobility/noah.tcladd noah.tcl to tcl/mobility/
tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl line 191 (for v2.29 line 197): add source ../mobility/noah.tcl
line 603ff (for v2.29 line 649ff): add
	    NOAH {
		    set ragent [$self create-noah-agent $node]
line 768ff (for v2.29 line 839ff): add
Simulator instproc create-noah-agent { node } {
    # Create a noah routing agent for this node
    set ragent [new Agent/NOAH]

    ## setup address (supports hier-addr) for noah agent
    ## and mobilenode
    set addr [$node node-addr]

    $ragent addr $addr
    $ragent node $node

    if [Simulator set mobile_ip_] {
        $ragent port-dmux [$node demux]
    $node addr $addr
    $node set ragent_ $ragent
    return $ragent