Extensions to the ns Network Simulator

ns Extensions

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It is highly recommended to either use the all-in-one installation of ns (based on release 2.1b7a of 16-Oct-2000) that includes the extension or to modify an existing installation manually step-by-step. The approach of directly replacing the corresponding files as described below may work with some versions of ns but often fails.

Note: if you're only interested in NOAH, you can find an updated version that works with ns-2.26 at http://icapeople.epfl.ch/widmer/uwb/ns-2/noah/index.html

Installation by adding/replacing files
To install the extension, several files of the ns installation have to be modified. The extension was tested with some snapshots of ns 2.1b6 and 2.1b7 and may not work with other versions of ns. The following files of the have to be added or replaced: A slightly modified version of the extension that works with some recent daily snapshots of ns was made available by Thomas Schwabe. Please contact him in case of installation problems or bugs.


The extension can be tested with this simple example. For additional information and examples see the Tech. Report of the MNAV project.

Note that with the extension, the ns validation test for wireless simulations is likely to fail. This does not mean that the extension doesn't work.