Milan Vojnovic
Research Assistant
LCA, Laboratory for Computer Communications and Applications
IC, School of Computer and Communication Sciences
EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
Building INN, Room 141, Tel. ++41 21 693 5259
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
e-mail: milan . vojnovic AT epfl . ch

New Address (from January 2004): Networking at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK

Milan Vojnovic earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the University of Split, Croatia, in 1995 and 1998, respectively, both in electrical engineering. He earned his Ph.D. from EPFL in 2003 ("docteur es sciences techniques" in the domain of communication networks). He was awarded a three-year EPFL Ph.D. fellowship. After he had successfully completed a pre-doctoral school in communications systems at EPFL in 1998/1999, he began his Ph.D. work at EPFL in 1999 with the Laboratory for Computer Communications and Applications, now within the School of Computer and Communication Sciences. He undertook an internship in August-October 2001 with the Mathematics Research Center, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ.

He was awarded best student paper award at ITC-17, for his work on the analysis of equation-based rate control, co-authored with Prof. Jean-Yves Le Boudec.

His research interests are in the theory and systems aspects of communication networks.


"Bits of Internet Traffic Control," EPFL, July 2003. Thesis, Talk Viewgraphs.

Selected Publications

Input-Queued Switch

  1. M. Andrews and M. Vojnovic, "Scheduling Reserved Traffic in Input-Queued Switches: New Delay Bounds via Probabilistic Techniques," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, a Special Issue on High-Performance Optical/Electronic Switches/Routers for High-Speed Internet, Vol. 21, No. 4, May 2003. The conference version appears in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 2003, San Francisco, CA, March 30-April 3, 2003 pdf, viewgraphs, LCA Seminar viewgraphs (March 2003)

Expedited Forwarding

  1. M. Vojnovic and J.-Y. Le Boudec, "Elements of Probabilistic Network Calculus for Packet Scale Rate Guarantee Nodes," in Proc. of MTNS 2002 (the 15th Int`l Symp. of Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems), University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, August 2002 pdf.

  2. M. Vojnovic and J.-Y. Le Boudec, "Stochastic Analysis of Some Expedited Forwarding Networks," in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 2002, New York, NY, June 2002 pdf.

  3. M. Vojnovic and J. Y. Le Boudec, "Stochastic Bound on Delay for Guaranteed Rate Nodes," IEEE Communications Letters, Vol. 6, No. 10, October 2002, pp. 449-451. pdf.

  4. M. Vojnovic and J.-Y. Le Boudec, "Bounds for Independent Regulated Inputs Multiplexed in a Service Curve Network Element," to appear in IEEE Trans. on Communications; preliminary version presented at Internet Performance Symposium, IEEE GLOBECOM 2001, San Antonio, TX, November 2001 pdf.

Equation-Based Rate Control

  1. M. Vojnovic and J.-Y. Le Boudec, "On the Long-Run Behavior of Equation-Based Rate Control," under submission (a revised version of ACM SIGCOMM 2002 paper), 2003; IC Technical Report IC/2003/70.

  2. M. Vojnovic, "Equation-Based Rate Control: Is it TCP-Friendly ?" ARC-TCP: Models and Algorithms for TCP/IP Networks, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France, November 5-7, 2003; abstract, viewgraphs

  3. M. Vojnovic, "Long-run Behavior of Equation-Based Rate Control: Theory and its Empirical Validation," Seminar on Theory of Communication Networks, ETHZ, Zurich, May 6, 2003; viewgraphs

  4. M. Vojnovic and J.-Y. Le Boudec, "On the Long-Run Behavior of Equation-Based Rate Control," in Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM 2002, Pittsburgh, PA, August 19-23, 2002 pdf; viewgraphs.

  5. M. Vojnovic, "Observations on Equation-Based Rate Control," talk at IPAM Workshop on Large-Scale Communication Networks: Topology, Routing, Traffic, and Control, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, March 18, 2002, viewgraphs.

  6. M. Vojnovic and J.-Y. Le Boudec, "Some Observations on Equation-Based Rate Control," in Proc. of ITC-17 (the Seventeenth International Teletraffic Congress), Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, September 24-28, 2001 pdf; viewgraphs (Best Student Paper Award).

Increase-Decrease Controls

  1. M. Vojnovic, J.-Y. Le Boudec, and C. Boutremans, "Global Fairness of Additive-increase and Multiplicative-decrease with Heterogeneous Round-trip Times," in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 2000, Tel-Aviv, Israel, March 2000 pdf.

  2. M. Vojnovic, J.-Y. Le Boudec, D. Towsley, and V. Misra, "A Note on the Stochastic Bias of Some Increase-Decrease Congestion Controls: HighSpeed TCP Case Study," PFLDNet 2003, CERN, Geneve, February 3-4, 2003 pdf, viewgraphs.


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