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How to find a hotel in the Lausanne area

  • There is a block of rooms available at Alpha-Palmiers at a special rate for the event; please mention SEVECOM-EPFL while booking.
  • A list of other hotels that also provide lower prices for EPFL visitors is here. Please note that rates on this page are not up-to-date for 2008; you should check with each hotel.
  • To locate any hotel on a map, please enter its address at this web site.

How to get here

How to get around

How to get to Lausanne

  • From the Geneva Airport (GVA) - By Train
This is the easiest way to get to Lausanne. The train station is integrated with the airport terminal. The trip from Geneva Airport to Lausanne Train Station (Gare CFF) is less than 1 hour long. The second class ticket costs 22 Swiss Francs (CHF). You can check departure and arrival times here.
  • From the Geneva Airport (GVA) - By Car
Take highway A1 towards Lausanne, and the Exit towards "Saint-Sulpice, Ecublens, Universite EPFL". Directions from the Michelin guide are here. The destination is the subway station at EPFL (TSOL station), at the top of the campus map.

Parking is available at the covered "Esplanade parking." You can locate it on this interactive map (click on the link at the bottom of the map page).
  • From the Basel or Zurich Airports - By Train or Car
If you fly to and from Basel (BSL or EAP) or Zurich (ZRH), please budget 2.5 hours of train transportation to Lausanne main station. Please note that a train ticket from the Basel includes a short bus trip from the airport to the Basel train station. You can check train departure and arrival times here or obtain driving directions here.

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How to get to the Alpha-Palmiers hotel

Note that the information below is relevant only to those staying at the hotel initially reserved by EPFL. This is also the location of the dinner.

  • By Train
Once you are the Lausanne train station, you can walk to the hotel Alpha-Palmiers. The hotel and the station are shown on this map.
  • By Car
The directions from the Geneva Airport (GVA) to the hotel are here. Parking is available at the hotel.

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How to get to EPFL

The easiest way is to take the subway (TSOL) from the station at Lausanne-Flon, marked on this map.

Take the subway towards "Renens" and get off at "EPFL." The one-way fare to EPFL is 2.80 CHF. However, all Lausanne Hotels will now provide you with the Lausanne Transport Card, which allows free public transportation - please make sure you obtain the card at the reception desk of your hotel free of charge.

If for any reason you need to, you can buy your subway (TSOL) tickets from vending machines at the station.

The subway (TSOL) schedule is availble here.

If you stay at the Alpha-Palmiers hotel, you can either walk up-hill to the subway (TSOL) station, at Lausanne-Flon, or walk downhill to the railway and take the "Metro Bus" to the Lausanne-Flon subway station.

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How to get to the workshop

Once you get off the TSOL, you face south and the EPFL campus, i.e., 'downwards' on the map.

You are at the red block on the upper part of the map.

The BC building (Batiment BC) is the yellow block at the bottom left part of the map.

Walk to your right on the TSOL platform, turn left at the underground passage and walk up the strairs ahead. Walk straight for approx. 300 meters, and take a diagonal right. Walk until you find the IN building at your left hand.

Enter the IN building, follow the signs, hanging from the ceiling, towards the BC building. You will find yourselves on the first (1st) floor of BC.

The workshop is held in room BC 410, on the fourth (4th) floor.

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Wireless Internet Access

To access the 802.11 wireless network, you need to open your web browser, go to:

Authenticate using your Enclair username and password, which you must have already received via email.

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Coffee breaks

Beverages and snacks will be served in BC 410.

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On Thursday, Feb. 21, lunch will be served on the fourth floor of the BC building, next to BC 410.

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On Wednesday, Feb. 20, at the Alpha-Palmiers hotel, an aperitif will be served at 18:30, and it will be followed by dinner at 19:00.

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