Carmen Mas Machuca

    Mail address:
    Development Programmes Department
    Intracom S.A.
    Markopoloulo Av.
    19002 Peania, Athens, Greece
    Telephone: +30-1-669 03 14
    Fax: +30-1-686 03 12


Carmen Mas was born in Huesca (Spain).
She obtained her Telecommunication Engineering Degree by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia ETSETB, Barcelona (Spain) in 1995.
She did the Graduate Thesis at the Applied Physics Department of the Free University of Brussels VUB (Belgium) on the design of diffractive optical elements for optical interconnections in computing and sensing systems.
In 1995 she finished the research at the VUB and she moved to the Electrical and Engineering Department of King's College London (UK) to work in fabrication of optical devices.
In May 1996 she started as a research assistant in the Institute for computer Communications and Applications in EPFL (Switzerland) where she participated in the COBNET european project,was assistant at the Computer Networking and Traffic Control doctoral course and at the Java Programming Course until she obtained her Ph.D in May 2000.
Since August 2000, she is at the Development Programmes Deparment of Intracom , where she is participating in several european projects on optical networks.

Research Fields

Switched Optical networks
Network Management
IP/WDM networks
Protection and restoration

Publication List

Carmen Mas, 15-October-2000