This class is an introduction to computer networking for undergraduates. In this class, you will familiarize yourself with the basic principles and the architecture underlying computer networks, and we will go over the main components and applications of TCP/IP and the Internet. The class consists of lectures and lab sessions. In the lab sessions, you will do a set of small exercises to get hands-on illustration of what you have learned in the lecture, and also work on a project that integrates what you have learned into a full-fledged Internet application.

After completing this class, you will have gained the basic knowledge to understand the architecture of the Internet and how it has evolved. You will also be able to understand how the Internet works, design and code your own TCP/IP applications and protocols, and solve simple configuration and performance problems that arise in practice.


J. F. Kurose and K. W. Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet (3rd edition), Addison-Wesley, 2004.

A french version of the 2nd edition of this book exists as well: Analyse structurée des réseaux: Des applications de l'Internet aux infrastructures de télécommunication, Pearson Education, 2003.


All course material (lecture slides, labs, solutions, ...) is available on Moodle.

If you have questions about the labs, the homeworks, or the course in general, please post them on the Question forum on Moodle.


Classes: Wednesdays, 11:15-13:00, CM1

Labs: Thursdays, 15:15-17:00, INF2


This class is subject to "contrôle continu". The final grade will be a combination of