MATLAB code for AISTATS 2012 paper on Categorical Data Analysis

MATLAB code to Reproduce Results for AISTATS 2012

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Written by Emtiyaz, CS, UBC.
Last updated: Feb. 08, 2011.

Description: This matlab code can be used to reproduce the results of our AISTATS 2012 paper for details.


System requirements and dependencies: The code works fine on MATLAB 2010a and higher versions.

. How to use the code: Download and install CatLGM and datasets if you need to run experiments on the data. The following will plot all the figures in the paper.

   > addpath(genpath(pwd));
   > plotExptAISTATS2012;

See file description below for more experiment files.

Description of files:

  • config.m is the configuration file for experiments.
  • exptMultiClassGP.m for Fig. 2 in the paper.
  • exptAISTATS2012.m for Fig. 1 and 3 in the paper.
  • getDataAISTATS2012.m read data.
  • plotExptAISTATS2012.m plots all the figures in the paper.
  • resultsMatFiles/ contains mat files for plotting.