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Lukas Kencl

Research and Development Centre (RDC)
Prague, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 224355991
Mobile (UK): +44 (0)790 2287839


I joined RDC as Director in May 2007. RDC is a joint university-industry R&D centre, focussing its research activities in the area of mobile wireless networks.

From June 2003 till December 2006 I was a Senior Researcher at the Intel Research Laboratory in Cambridge, UK, where the core topics of my research were adaptive networking systems, resistant, high-performance network architectures and network content anonymization. Since 2005 I have also been a Visiting Professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics (KAM) at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Prior to that (1999-2003), I was a member of the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, where I explored the design of advanced applications for network processors.

I received a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, in 1995, and a Ph.D. degree in Communication Networks from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, in March 2003. The thesis focused on load-sharing schemes for multiprocessor systems within communication networks.

Curriculum Vitae: PDF


My research interests and expertise include: architecture and modelling of networking and distributed systems; network resistance, robustness and performance optimization; collection, privacy-protection and mining of network data; applying combinatorial optimization and graph theory to specific networking problems, and communication networks’ architecture, protocols and applications in general.


Adaptive Methods for Networking Systems

This project develops methods and algorithms for networking devices that are context-aware and seamlessly adapt to the immediate network traffic profile. Specifically, we design prototypes of a traffic-adaptive load balancer and a traffic-adaptive firewall, showing vast performance improvements over static solutions.

Project News:

Oct 06: The Adaptive Firewall is presented at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Prague.

Sep 06: The "Sequence-Preserving Adaptive Load Balancers" paper is accepted for the ACM/IEEE ANCS conference.

Jun 06: The Adaptive Firewall demo receives worldwide press coverage at the Research@Intel day in Santa Clara.

Apr 06: Christian Schwarzer receives an "Award for an Outstanding Master Thesis" (Best Thesis award) as the only one out 530 graduating students at EPFL, Switzerland, for the Thesis titled "Prediction and Adaptation in a Traffic-aware Packet Filtering Method", carried out at IR Cambridge under joint supervision of L. Kencl (IRC) and Prof. J.-Y. Le Boudec (EPFL).

Data Anonymization

Protection of sensitive data is crucial for information sharing and communication among parties that do not necessarily trust each other. This project studies computational techniques to hide the sensitive information, while preserving some ability to perform pattern matching, data mining or statistical analysis over the data.

CoMo: Platform for rapid prototyping of network forensics applications

An essential part of building a network forensics platform is the ability to cope with the run-time workloads. Thus we study techniques to accelerate common algorithmic primitives such as multi-pattern matching and block frequency analysis over network data.

Brain-Supportive Computing

This rock-turning investigation proposes to study techniques and applications allowing the next generation computers to directly cooperate, or become integrated, with the human brain, thus greatly enhancing human capabilities both in the form of an individual as well as of human society.

Professional Activities

Visiting Professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics (KAM), Charles University, Prague, where I lead the lecture "Applied Mathematics in Industrial Research";

Participant and contributor to the 2005 CRA Conference on Grand Research Challenges in Computer Architecture;

Member of the Communications Research Network (CRN) DoS-Resistant Internet Working Group.

TPC Member of the IFIP/IEEE MMNS04-07 and the IEEE ICCCAS06 Conferences;

Member of the
IEEE and the ACM.


Publications and reports are available online.

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